Drunken Bums - Nordic Game Jam 2008

Drunken Bums is a game developed during the Nordic Game Jam 2008, the biggest game jam in the world. I was one of the programmers on the team. The team consisted of four people and had 48 hours to create the game. Because of the short time you have to create the game in this was a great exercise in rapid prototyping.

You play as a drunken bum. The game is about getting drunk, the more drunk you the more points you accumulate and the quicker, but the harder it is to control your avatar. But if you get too drunk you will get sick and pass out. Buy or mug other players to get more booze. You get money by collecting bottles. Watch out for the police or else you will end up in jail.

The game was developed using Game Maker and is free download and play. Two players can only be controlled by gamepads but the other two can be controlled by keyboard. The team has talked about trying to implement into 3D world maybe using Unreal 3 engine.


Martin Treacy-Schwartz (Game Programmer) as part of team drunken bums, Nordic Game Jam 2008