Artificial Intelligence projects

This page contains projects I have been part of during my studies, where I have implemented different AI techniques. It ranges from artificial neural networks (ANNs) to Genetic Algorithms (GAs).

AI related courses I have taken during my studies consist of Machine Learning, Natural Computing, Ai for Games and Puzzles and Advanced Topics in Game Technology, but I have also done a lot of small AI programmings projects during my spare time.

Here is a list with links to the source code for the different AI projects I have been part of:
  • A* Search algorithm for simple tile path finding, source code
  • Negamax alpha-beta pruning algorithm and iterative deepening for game tree, source code
  • Implementation of search algorithm to find the number of moves to get from a start game state to a target game state in Draughts, source code
  • Simple linear associator for recognising patterns, source code
  • Fuzzy control, see my Master's thesis
  • Ludo-player and Ms. Pacman players based on GA (genetic algorithm), ANN and TD (temporal difference), source code