Olsen-Banden - Apex Virtual Entertainment

Taken from Apex website:

"The original Olsen Gang movies are perhaps the most treasured folk comedies in Denmark. More than a dozen different movies, two TV-series and two animated movies have been produced – on which this game is based. Sweden and Norway, have both made their own versions of the movies.

The game version of the movies contains the good natured humour of the IP and lets you do heists in the true Olsen Gang style.

Explore Copenhagen and a multitude of heist sites, planning and executing ingenious heists. Use laxative pancakes, dog biscuits with tranquilizers, rubber gloves etc. to lure your way to the big prize. Customize your bandit character and buy exclusive items to give you the advantage."

The game was developed using Unity. On the game production I was responsible for most of the GUI (using NGUI), implementing the in-game purchases, the in-game shop, the avatar customization, the player persistent data and some game logic.


Martin Treacy-Schwartz, Apex Virtual Entertainment