Dark Dwampage - Game Development course Spring 2007

Dark Dwampage is a game developed during the Game Development course, Spring 2007, at the IT-University of Copenhagen. I was one of the programmers on the team. The team consisted of five people and was required to create a game as part of the Game Development course.

The game is intended to be a single and multiplayer game but we decided only to implement the multiplayer part. You are supposed to play as dwarfs but the characters are not implemented in the game so you only play as the normal Unreal Characters. A few other features have also been left as we did not have time to implement them all and also because we were all new to the engine was used a lot of time on implementing some of the features. The game is supposed to be played in very dark levels and you then use various weapons and items to navigate through the level but also to reveal other player (but watch out you don't reveal yourself) so you can easier see them and kill them. There is also a skills system implemented in the game where you can choose skills you want to become good in. My part on the team was to implement the skill system menu for each player and to implement the back bone of the skill system.

My contributions as a programmer consisted of creating the skill system used in the game (upgrading functionality and XP maintainance) and GUI for the skill system menu. All coding was done in UnrealScript.

The game was developed using Unreal 3 Engine. The game is free to download but it is required that you have Unreal 3 before you can play it.


Martin Treacy-Schwartz (Programmer), Game Development course Spring 2008