Karma Cab - DADIU game production March 2008

Karma Cab is a game developed by Team 4, as part of the DADIU education. I was one of game programmers on the team. I was not supposed to have been on this production but because they were short on programmers I decided join to get some experience. The team consisted of one game director, one game designer, one visual designer, two animators, one audio designer and three programmers. The team was given one month to produce the game.

You play as an Indian taxi driver. You need to make conversation with the customers. It is up to you to give good or bad answers to the customers questions, both options are equally good points-wise but the choice is yours to make.

My contribution as a programmer consisted of implementing the specific order and randomness of the symbols in the rhythm game as requested by the game designer and the hit functionality for the symbols. All coding was done in C++.

The game was developed using Valve's Source Engine, the same engine which has been used to create games such as Half Life 2 and Counter Strike Source. The game is free to download and play but it is required that you have bought Half Life 2 before you can play it.


Martin Treacy-Schwartz (Game Programmer) as part of Team 4, DADIU, March 2008